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Ani medeberet ivrit….a little!

October 29, 2009

I had a good time in Jerusalem yesterday.   I found the bus stop outside the Kibbutz  with my roommate Hela who is from Germany, but the bus was very late, and we learned that the bus actually also stops inside the Kibbutz!   We met up with a few other ulpanists on the bus, and spent the day exploring Jerusalem and finding random items that we needed.  I realized I forgot my umbrella at home, so I was sure to purchase one since I am in Israel during the rainy season.  I was excited to go to Aroma, where I had a tuna sandwich and an iced coffee, which I had been craving for awhile.  Although there are two locations of Aroma in NYC, I didn’t go the last time I was there, and it was  my favorite place to eat and drink in Israel when I was here for Birthright 3 years ago.

After returning for Jerusalem, I took a short nap because I was still jet lagged, however now I think I am caught up with my sleep, having gone to bed early for the past two nights.

Today I had my first ulpan (Hebrew class)!  I already learned a lot, and am looking forward to practicing my grammar over the next few days.   I will start my job tomorrow, but I still don’t know what I will be doing.  Saturday (Shabbat) we have off, and I will also be working on Sunday, and then I will have class again on Monday.

English is the common language of most of the students here, but soon enough hopefully we can speak Hebrew to each other, because some hardly can speak it at all.  Luckily those who do not know enough English to converse comfortably have unofficial translators, and otherwise we use hand gestures!  Two sisters from Russia who arrived yesterday left the kibbutz after only a few hours because it was not what they expected; they wanted to live in a city and did not like the rural nature of Tzuba.  All of that information cannot be verified though, because they did not know a word of English!  It  has been fun for me to try to remember the little bit of Spanish I once learned, and since there are two guys from France, I get to practice that language too.


I have arrived!

October 28, 2009

I am now in Israel!  I arrived at Kibbutz Tzuba last night, after a very long flight.  I found my way just fine, taking both a shared taxi and a private taxi from the airport.  Last night I spoke with the director of the ulpan, who explained how things work here, and I met the ulpan “mother,” who is actually very motherly.  I was exhausted after my travels and went to bed at 8 pm, however that negatively affected my wakeup time- 5 a.m.!  I couldn’t get back to sleep.  The bed being very hard didn’t help, but at least it was more comfortable than my airplane seat.

One of my roommates is from Germany, and the other is from Mexico, but I have not met her yet.  Today I was supposed to begin work, but it was cancelled because half of the ulpanists have not arrived (only about half of the expected 30 are here so far).  So, I am going to go to Jerusalem for the day.  I’ll report back about my trip, hopefully with pictures!

Tomorrow I will start my first day of ulpan.  I am in kita (class) aleph, which is the beginner’s class.  Although I can read and know some Hebrew, I will be starting at the beginning, which is fine with me.  I could use a refresher!


Real ruminations?

October 22, 2009

I found a website with random ruminations added:

It’s pretty entertaining!

In other news…I’m leaving for Israel on Monday!  I think I’m in denial that I’m leaving so soon, because I don’t think I’ll ever be quite ready to throw myself into this brand new experience.  However, once I arrive, I’m sure everything will fall into place.


Things that are hidden

October 5, 2009

-Glue previously holding the side view mirror in place on my SUV
-Cherry coke zero, among the inferior flavors at the convenience store
-My flip flop, which I looked everywhere for…except for where it turned up
-An upset stomach, brought on by copious amounts of candy corn pumpkins